Kids Martial Arts classes for 6-9 year olds

Wilkes kids martial arts classes encourage learning and promote respect and discipline in all areas of your child’s life. Our fun and structured teaching methods will improve your child’s focus, concentration and confidence, giving them a head start in life and a bright future.

In early life, children are quite impressionable. Being bullied at a young age can have an unfortunate impact on a child’s development and even affect their adult life. Training at Wilkes Martial Arts Myaree will strengthen your child in mind, body and spirit, enabling them to cope effectively with many of life’s challenges.

Through tried and tested expert teaching and positive reinforcement, our world class instructors instil in children a respect for parents, teachers, law and order, as well develop their leadership skills and the ability to say ‘no’ to peer pressure and potentially unhealthy habits. As a parent, you will see immediate and dramatic changes in your child’s everyday approach to life.

Our 6-9 year old kids martial arts program is focused on developing your child’s mind and body for life. Physically, martial arts training increases core strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. Our kids martial arts program is also designed to improve your child’s spatial awareness and has a structured, well-balanced approach towards exercise. More importantly, we develop the association between exercise and health, and make sure your child has fun!

From effectively handling the schoolyard bully to having the courage to have a go at a seemingly difficult task, Wilkes Martial Arts can mentally prepare your child for real life situations.

Your child will also have a new found sense of self-discipline. Most parents notice an improvement within the first few weeks. In addition, we keep in regular contact with your child’s teacher to ensure what they are learning is showing at school. Parents absolutely love it when the Job Check Lists are released for belt promotion, as this ensures that training is positively influencing life at home.

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Class Times : 6-9 Year Olds

4:00pm Monday-Thursday
9:00am Saturday