Get your kids into Wilkes Martial Arts with our Introductory Offer!

Our children’s martial arts classes are about way more than just cool moves. Our class structure has been developed by industry professionals to make our programs among the best in Australia. We encourage your child to enjoy fitness whilst having fun. This also equips your child with the essential tools to be the best that they can be.

As part of our kids martial arts program, we implement a character development program that focuses on building the leaders of tomorrow. Through numerous ‘Master’s Message’ topics, reinforcement from home, and our motivating mat chats, we prepare your child to overcome life’s everyday challenges. They will rise to the occasion, take charge and be in control of their own emotions and attitude.

Our introductory lesson includes the following to help get your child started in an exciting, life changing new direction:

  1. Initial phone or in-person assessment of your goals and objectives for your child’s training.
  2. Official Wilkes Martial Arts uniform
  3. A private lesson with one of our highly qualified and friendly instructors
  4. A group class (recommended by your child’s instructor)
  5. Beginners Welcome Pack
  6. Hands on support and instruction every step of the way towards black belt

During the private 1 on 1 session, your child’s instructor will run through:

  • How, where, when and why we bow
  • Why martial artists do not use training on friends or family
  • Basic but fun warm-up exercises to build fitness
  • Stretching techniques to increase flexibility
  • Basic hand techniques
  • Basic foot techniques
  • Self defence (non-confrontational methods) to common schoolyard situations
  • Explanation on our kids martial arts development program
  • We explain how the belt promotion process works: School and home life must be at a high to satisfactory level before you child is considered for belt promotion. This promotes goal setting that your son / daughter will use for the rest of their lives.

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