Private Training – Adults

Private training is a perfect way for students who have time constraints. If you can’t make the suggested two martial arts classes per week, you may consider private lessons. These lessons come with the flexibility of being at a time which you. We can run morning, day or night sessions. Private training is also available for students who are interested in a highly tailored or objective based approach to their learning.

The instructor team is available for private lessons to cover the following areas:
– Syllabus refinement
– Boxing
– Muay Thai / Kickboxing
– Fitness / Weight Loss
– Strength and Conditioning (kettle bells / gym work)
– Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
– Mixed Martial Arts
– Self Defence
– Eskrima

Fitness sessions can be designed for weight loss and or muscle gain. Our strength and conditioning area is great for a functional and high intensity workouts that get fast and effective results. Cross training this with pad work produces great results and you are learning a technical sport at the same time.

Students from the freestyle martial art program may wish to take part in the Accelerated Training Program (ATP). ATP is a combination of group classes and private training. In this program, you are able to learn two belt levels instead of the regular one. This is a massive responsibility and undertaking this program should not be decided upon lightly. Please speak to your instructor if you are considering the program. Please note that we will check your attendance and discuss this decision with you further before accepting you into the program.

Call us on 9330 3300 or email: to book your sessions in at a time that suits you.

Adults Private Training
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