On Saturday the 13th of March we were lucky enough to have Mr Wilkes’ preferred strength and conditioning coach run a core workshop at Wilkes Martial Arts Myaree. As a martial artist, training core strength is beneficial because it generates powerful kicks and punches.

We started with an introduction to working out, and then we continued with exercises to activate the diaphragm to improve our breathing and performance. We got some great tips, including learning about how diet is responsible for a lot of our results. We also learned that in a lot of cases, people do the right exercises, but they don’t do them correctly. This reinforces an idea that we often teach our students – when it comes to martial arts training, quality of your techniques is often a lot more important than quantity! We encourage students to ask questions about techniques if they are unsure, and to change the techniques if they are unable to carry out the exercise that is given (for example, if you have a preexisting injury, you may choose a different exercise that has been approved by your physio).

In the workshop, we got to do a warm up and some great (and challenging) core exercises. The training was excellent and left us with a lot of good feedback and ideas, and of course a few sore muscles the next day!

If anyone is interested in continuing this type of training, please speak to one of our instructors!

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