Martial Arts Perth. Finding the difference: 

The martial arts are the cornerstone of development and self-discipline for many of us, but finding the right gym can be an insurmountable challenge. It is absolutely true that most people upon joining a gym, martial arts or otherwise, will leave within the first 3 months. As a student and more recently an instructor at some of the biggest, best and worst gyms in Australia, I have experienced this first hand. I’ve watched big gyms with multiple centres under-train their students, in order to ensure the constant flow of income. Experienced good gyms that lack enough variety and therefore become stagnant and known bad gyms that are egocentric and poorly ran.

One of my biggest disappointments moving interstate, was leaving the family I had made at Wilkes.

Every time I visit Perth I continue to return to Wilkes Martial Arts. It offers me something that no other gym has, a product so well designed and executed, that anything less than their high standards, is disappointing and I quickly exit through that revolving door.

Many martial arts gyms today are a reproduction of each other, a facility that offers separate classes for disciplines (typically) found in “Mixed Martial Arts”, brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay thai, wrestling and boxing. When a gym offers extra classes they are again, a separate entity. The Wilkes syllabus brings a combination of martial art disciplines together; this allows a student to learn a variety of styles in an efficient and effective manner. In saying this, the Wilkes syllabus requires dedication, because unlike many gyms, and again, usually those with multiple centres, David and his team of instructors ask for the best of their students. As long as you show up, they are always willing to help you improve. If you take the challenge and commit to the training. One thing I can say for certain is that when you receive your black belt from Wilkes Martial Arts, you know you deserve it.

If you are looking to try something new, meet good people, have fun and get fit, then try Wilkes martial arts. You won’t find anything better; I certainly haven’t.


Kate Logan-Scales

Martial Arts Perth. Finding the Difference.

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