Sorry for the long post, but we need your help!!

As another year comes to an end, I find myself asking what can the team and I continue to improve on as an academy in 2019?

As I’m sure everyone has seen, we’ve continued to improve our facilities every year. In the last 2 years alone, we’ve replaced the mats and added wall pads in the MMA / BJJ room, significantly increased the amount of equipment in the strength and conditioning room, we’ve replaced Thai pads, kick shields and focus mitts in all rooms, added amazing air conditioning to the martial arts room (to match the BJJ / MMA room). We’ve also revamped the toilets and interior of the buildings, replaced carpets, moved in a greener direction with LED lights and added wall mounted TV’s for students to record and review their technical progress with coaching staff. I’m sure there is more but that’s all I can think of right now! To finish off the year, we’re getting mirrors added to the MMA / BJJ room so we can all look at ourselves… wait, I mean assess our own technique.

So where do you come in? I kindly ask for quality insight into our academy and its day to day operations! Whether it’s instructor feedback, things we should look into getting for the gym, class feedback, or yes, even not-so-good feedback, then most certainly please do!

As always, I’m all ears! Without you, I’ll be working on the daily, weekly, monthly and annual improvement of the academy. We will do our best to continually improve, but many minds make great work! With your help, we can make our academy even better!

Please PM me directly here or personally if you have any feedback or suggestions. I’m greatly looking forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you kindly for your help.

Head Instructor David Wilkes.

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